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Moving a 90 MVA transformer in Liège

Moving a 90 MVA transformer in Liège

Lifthing received the assignment to make arrangements for the move of a transformer. Within the framework of this project our team took care of:

  • The transport
  • The shipment
  • Assembly
  • Filling with oil
  • Testing & commissioning


Move was very involved

There were a lot of things to take care of when moving this 90 MVA transformer. Mostly because of the weight – 110 tonnes – and the dimensions. We had to move the transformer from a stocking zone to a high voltage post in Romsée. It was not possible to complete the entire route on public roads because of the dimensions. That was the reason we made use of . After the shipment we arranged for the transportation to the correct location. Then the Lifthing team used a mobile crane to hoist the transformer unto its foundation.


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Industrial move of a silo

For the industrial move of a silo we used – as you can see – a long and large tower crane. You can count on it that our material is always up-to-date.


Industrial move of a single component of a silo

Lifthing not only took care of the removal of an old silo from an industrial site. Our team also placed the new silo that was delivered to us from Bruges. After some adjustments and the electrical connecting, the client started using the silo again. We arranged for the transportation of the old silo back to England.

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