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(Dis)assembly, manipulation and installation of machines

The assembly, disassembly, manipulation and installation of an industrial installation is different for every company. Lifthing has a personalised solution for every project. A knowledgeable, well-informed solution.

Industrial assembly, disassembly and manipulation is no piece of cake. These acts demand a personalised, professional approach and a lot of expertise. Every company has its own safety regulations and production environment. That’s why Lifthing searches for the best solution for every project, always customised.

Examples of industrial assembly, disassembly and manipulation

  • Moving of machines: disassembly mechanically and electrically, transportation and installing again
  • Removal of tanks
  • Disassembling and jacking of piping, engines, pumps, machines, equipment, etc.
  • Installation of a completely new production line
  • Positioning and assembling of air groups, including thermal wheel

Installation of machines

Would you like to disassemble, reinstall and reactivate a machine? You found the right company in Lifthing. Lifthing dispatches your project smoothly, with the necessary knowledge and the correct materials. The success of a rigging or connection depends on different factors. However, it is mainly the team and the materials that are used that determine the success of the operation.

Lifthing wants every installation or assembly to run as efficiently as possible and therefor attaches great importance to the details and the follow up.

Specialist riggers at Lifthing

Rigging is the collective term for all hoist operations that have to be done with professional knowledge. We would like to give you some examples of rigging projects:

  • Hoisting of devices or machines in or out of a production unit
  • Rigging of loads with specific hoisting material
  • Working with lifting beams and spreaders

All of our riggers are technically competent professional. They have enjoyed the correct education and possess the knowhow to smoothly execute complex and logistical operations. For every problem, no matter how complex, they will search for the best solution with the necessary knowledge and an open mind. Safety always comes first.

Would you like to appeal to our total service? In that case we take care of everything from A to Z. We disassemble, move, transport and assemble your machines, both electrically and mechanically.

Lifthing projects in assembly, manipulation and installation of machines

Installation of production line
Installation of production line
assembly-and-manipulation industrial-relocations
Hoisting and lifting works with pick and carry crane
Hoisting and lifting works with pick and carry crane
assembly-and-manipulation industrial-relocations machinetransport-en
Installation of proton therapy machines
Installation of proton therapy machines
assembly-and-manipulation industrial-relocations machinetransport-en
Industrial move: moving a production line
Industrial move: moving a production line
assembly-and-manipulation industrial-relocations

Why would you choose Lifthing?

We approach every work situation with an open mind and find a solution for every problem.

We continuously educate our employees and invest in their safety by having them work with recent materials. Because of their flexibility we can keep hold-ups in the production as short as possible.

Our employees are passionate professionals. They execute their jobs proudly, respect the material, their colleagues and clients. On top of that, they are proud of their knowledge and their abilities. Together we can handle the largest and heaviest projects

Would you like for us to take care of everything, from A to Z?

Then you can make use of our total service:

  • Dismantling and moving of the machine
  • Transportation of the machine
  • Electrical and mechanical assembly
  • Disassembly of the machine lines
  • Transportation to the destination
  • Assembly on the new location

``Lifthing successfully moved our production line to our new factory``

Mr Johnson - Company Peeters


Lifthing is not only involved with the industrial moving of machines, but also everything that is related to it. We move, manipulate and assemble and that is exactly what distinguishes Lifthing from all other rigging companies. Most of our colleagues are specialized in a single part of rigging. At Lifthing we actually have three companies under the same roof. The emphasis is on the installation of machines. The mechanical and electrical additional activities we regard as extras. You can rest assured that we will execute every task perfectly and safely, for the full 100%. We even do this outside of the country. Our additional services are:

temporary storage








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