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Machine displacement

When moving a machine there is a lot involved, so you’re better off to leave it to a specialist. At Lifthing we take care of the displacement of a machine from A to Z. A simple transport, an internal displacement, hoisting jobs or assembly and disassembly? You can count on Lifthing.

THE partner for the displacements of your heavy machinery

At Lifthing we have many years of experience in moving machines and many experienced specialists are at your disposal. At Lifthing we take care of:


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machine displacement

There is no job that’s too heavy for Lifthing and we always think with you. You can count on the support of Lifthing throughout Europe for all you industrial moves or machine transportation. We are ready for any job with state-of-the-art machinery and we ensure a carefree handling of the displacement.

Years long experience is the ace in the hole for moving of heavy machines

Every sector and every industry have their sensitivities and at Lifthing we know those like the back of our hands. These experienced specialists in machine displacements possess the necessary acknowledgements and are at home in many sectors. Whether it’s about loading and unloading, rotating, hoisting or placing and displacing, Lifthing does it extremely efficient and fast.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your project and do you want a partner who is easy to work with? You certainly find both traits with Lifthing. We strive for your satisfaction concerning the displacement of the machine and the machine transportation.

machine displacement

Why would you choose Lifthing?

They approach every work situation with an open mind and find a solution for every problem.

We continuously train our employees and invest in their safety by having them work with recent equipment. Due to their flexibility, we can keep production times as short as possible.

Our employees are passionate professionals. They carry out their jobs with pride, respect for the material, colleagues and customers. Moreover, they are proud of what they know and can do. We can all work on the largest and heaviest work.

Would you like for us to take care of everything, from A to Z?

Then you can make use of our total service:

Lifthing projects in assembly, manipulation and installation of machines


Lifthing is not only involved with the industrial moving of machines, but also everything that is related to it. We move, manipulate and assemble and that is exactly what distinguishes Lifthing from all other rigging companies. Most of our colleagues are specialized in a single part of rigging. At Lifthing we actually have three companies under the same roof. The emphasis is on the installation of machines. The mechanical and electrical additional activities we regard as extras. You can rest assured that we will execute every task perfectly and safely, for the full 100%. We even do this outside of the country. Our additional services are:

Temporary Storage

Crane Work


Expedition & Permits

Transformator Service

(Exeptional) Transport