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Industrial relocations of machines and installations

Need an industrial move of machines? Moving an entire factory? Would you like to move machines internally? Your best option is to start searching for a company that organises the industrial move of machines into the smallest details and in the meantime observes all the safety regulations.

If the company can also help you with the technical and the mechanical part, then that is just icing on the cake. Lifthing is exactly such a company. Lifthing not only takes care of the industrial relocation of the machines, it also guarantees the disassembly, assembly and manipulation of them.

Are you looking for a partner for an industrial move?

Then you have found the right company in Lifthing. Our understanding of an industrial move is all the work that is related to the treatment of the machine or the moving of the machine. This can include but is not limited to:


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Industrial relocations

All of these acts, as an industrial mover, demand a professional approach. The placing of a machine, installation or a complete production line has to be executed correctly, above all. Collaboration with a reliable partner is therefore a necessity. That party also has to possess the necessary knowhow, a professional team and a current machine park. In that case, Lifthing is the perfect choice. We take care of your industrial move from beginning to end. We not only ensure the mechanical part of the project, but also the electrical connecting and disconnecting of machines.

Project offer designed for you, perfectly executed

Your company has its own safety regulations and production environment, of course. So, our solutions will always be designed according to your needs. We do not just chart your environment and machines. We also analyse all aspects that are necessary in order to coordinate our work that we do as a professional mover. Then we propose the best, most efficient, practical and safe solution, completely geared to your unique business situation. Our goal? To correctly, no, to perfectly execute your project.

Industrial relocations

Why would you choose Lifthing?

They approach every work situation with an open mind and find a solution for every problem.

We continuously train our employees and invest in their safety by having them work with recent equipment. Due to their flexibility, we can keep production times as short as possible.

Our employees are passionate professionals. They carry out their jobs with pride, respect for the material, colleagues and customers. Moreover, they are proud of what they know and can do. We can all work on the largest and heaviest work.

Would you like for us to take care of everything, from A to Z?

Then you can make use of our total service:

Thanks to the professional, fast and customer friendly follow up of Lifthing, the move of our metal workshop went without a hitch.


Lifthing is not only involved with the industrial moving of machines, but also everything that is related to it. We move, manipulate and assemble and that is exactly what distinguishes Lifthing from all other rigging companies. Most of our colleagues are specialized in a single part of rigging. At Lifthing we actually have three companies under the same roof. The emphasis is on the installation of machines. The mechanical and electrical additional activities we regard as extras. You can rest assured that we will execute every task perfectly and safely, for the full 100%. We even do this outside of the country. Our additional services are:

Temporary Storage

Crane Work


Expedition & Permits

Transformator Service

(Exeptional) Transport

One single knowledgeable contact person.

At Lifthing you deal with one single contact person. Every project has its own responsible person and that’s not just anybody. Our project leaders all have been educated technically. Each one of them tries to work as service oriented as possible and the goal is to answer every e-mail within 24 hours. Sometimes that is not possible, but we do our best. If we are asked for an assignment, the first thing we do is to personally take a look at the worksite. For us that is a necessity in order to make an informed decision about what the project entails. The person who makes that first visit to the site is also the person who will be responsible for the entire project. This becomes the contact person for all (site) meetings, e-mails and communication and he will follow up the entire project, literally from A to Z. We think that is the only way to do a good job.

Industrial relocations machine transport

All the necessary safety certificates, including SCC-P

The “P” in SCC-P stands for petrochemical and that is the highest possible degree of safety certification that a company can be awarded. To acquire this certification is quite a process. To be able to start as a rigging company that executes the industrial moving of machines, you have to undergo an audit that you have to pass for the full 100%. Then your company is screened completely every five years. Certain things are checked every year.

Our SCC-P certificate shows that we are screened for safety constantly. The following questions are asked:

  • Do we have hoisting plans?
  • Do we have the safety plans?
  • Do we have safety meetings and instructions for our people concerning safety?

Especially the larger companies do not even grant you admission if you do not have the P-certificate. This is also where Lifthing is different from the competition. We are the only ones who own that petrochemistry certificate, that actually mostly is intended for large companies. We are very proud of that.

Industrial relocations loading

Industrial moving of machines from A to Z

Some companies can do it all. They guarantee an industrial move of machines from A to Z. This means that they take care of the disassembly of the machines, the transportation, the complete assembly and installation thereof, both electrically and mechanically. With this description we immediately uncover the unique offering of the rigging company Lifthing.

Of course, Lifthing does not just move large and heavy machinery and installations; the company is also involved with the technical and mechanical ancillary activities. What does that encompass? Soldering, creating a pneumatic link, welding… whatever you need, we will provide. Would you like for us to take care of the entire operation? We gladly do that for you. You just want us to move a single machine? Of course, we’ll do that for you too.

For the industrial moving of machines, we always work with the most modern materials available.

  • We think it is very important that the materials that we work with are of the best available quality.
  • We make sure that the sustainable materials that we buy can be used for the longest time possible.
  • We prefer to invest a little more at the time of purchase to avoid being confronted with defects after a year or two. Quality is of the utmost importance for us.