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Unloading and positioning a transformer with a jacking and skidding system

Industrial relocations

We received the following assignment: unload a transformer from a low loader and position it on its foundation. The transformer weighed no less than 75 tonnes. In order to be able to unload the transformer in England from the low loader and to position it, we made use of the jacking & skidding system.

What is jacking & skidding?

The system of jacking & skidding comes down to setting up a system where we can skid or slide heavy objects over rails that we place and then jack them up to where they need to go. We use this system if there is not enough space for a crane or if there is only limited sliding height available.

Need more information about the unloading of a low loader?

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sectorSECTOR: Machine manufacturer
regioREGION: UK, Derby
gewichtWEIGHT: 75 ton
tijdstipEXECUTED: 2016

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