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Lifting job – A lifting device for every work


Whether you are lifting 2 tonnes or 30 tonnes, lifting work always needs to be done with the utmost precision. All our hoists are operated electronically, some even remotely. This makes them perfectly suitable for precision work in all sectors, including food and pharma. The non-marking tyres of our hoists mean that they can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

With this lifting equipment, we can provide a solution for any lifting job. From small to large, you can choose from:

ICEM crane

  • Italian
  • Lifting capacity: 2T
  • Width: 0.940 m
  • Length: 2.930 m
  • Clearance height: 1.900 m
  • Lifting height: 5 m
  • ICEM at work


  • American
  • Lifting capacity: 16T
  • Width: 1.525 m
  • Length: 3.760 m
  • Clearance height: 2.410 m
  • Lifting height: 7 m
  • Versa-Lift at work

ORMIG pick-and-carry crane

  • Italian
  • Lifting capacity: 30T
  • Width: 2.100 m
  • Length: 5.650 m
  • Clearance height: 2.299 m
  • Lifting height: 12 m
  • ORMIG at work

Even heavier hoisting loads, even more power for your lifting job!

Do you need even more lifting capacity for your machine moving or industrial relocation? Then we’ll use our crane truck with 85T lifting capacity or our gantry crane with 500T capacity.
Our hoists are also often used together to get the job done.

Here is a combination of our Versa-Lift and crane truck

And a successful partnership between our Versa-Lift and ORMIG

Need a professional partner for machine moving or industrial relocation?

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