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A VCA-P certified partner

VCA-P gecertificeerd

VCA-P: highest honours

Lifthing has again obtained the highest possible VCA certificate, which is the VCA-P for the petrochemical industry. It’s a quality label for everything to do with safety, health and the environment at work. The certificate remains valid for 3 years, with an annual interim audit to guarantee the continuity of our high-quality service.

What does a VCA-P mean?

Our VCA-P certificate means that we have developed well-designed procedures and protocols to guarantee the highest degree of safety in all our activities and to prevent accidents. Even in the petrochemical sector, where very strict safety standards apply, our employees and subcontractors know exactly which regulations they need to comply with. The certificate also guarantees that we create a healthy working environment for our employees and our customers’ workers under all circumstances.

What advantages does a VCA-P offer our customers?

Thanks to the certificate, our customers can be sure that we’re on the same wavelength when it comes to safety, health and the environment. All of our employees are continuously trained and are also highly aware of the importance of safety. It facilitates the cooperation in industrial relocationsmachine relocations and assembly and manipulation because there’s no longer any need to discuss safety matters: all applicable standards are guaranteed to be respected.

No hassle with security protocols?

Try our VCA-P certified approach.

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