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Jacking and skidding of an engine

vijzelen en sleeën van motor

A spectacular manipulation

Lifthing was asked to transport a brand-new engine the customer had developed from their production hall to the final test location. During a preliminary visit to the site it became clear that moving the 45-tonne colossus would be a delicate job.

Jack and skid technique

It was clear that jacks and skids would be the technique of choice to carry out this precision task. The step-by-step plan was meticulously prepared:

  1. lifting the engine in the production hall
  2. transporting it across the site
  3. unloading using the jacking system
  4. skidding into the testing area
  5. lowering it into the test pit using a jack system

Down to the millimetre

Thanks to thorough preparation, professional jack and skid systems and a well-coordinated team, the engine could be installed in the pit with precision down to the millimetre. Thus, a spectacular Lifthing operation was brought to a successful conclusion, with a very satisfied customer as a result.

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