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Moving a 90 MVA transformer in Liège

Lifthing received the assignment to make arrangements for the move of a transformer. Within the framework of this project our team took care of:

  • The transport
  • The shipment
  • Assembly
  • Filling with oil
  • Testing & commissioning

Move was very involved

There were a lot of things to take care of when moving this 90 MVA transformer. Mostly because of the weight – 110 tonnes – and the dimensions. We had to move the transformer from a stocking zone to a high voltage post in Romsée. It was not possible to complete the entire route on public roads because of the dimensions. That was the reason we made use of . After the shipment we arranged for the transportation to the correct location. Then the Lifthing team used a mobile crane to hoist the transformer unto its foundation.

Do you need more information about the move of a transformer?

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sectorSECTOR: Industry
regioREGION: Belgium, Liège
gewichtWEIGHT: 110 ton
tijdstipEXECUTED: 2016

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